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Where rabbits dance...

...across the lunar seas.

Bunny Batzri
One of the most enduring of the chimnet phantoms, the name 'Bunny Batzri' is bound to be familiar to any changeling with computer-world ties. Depending on who you ask, Bunny is...

...a Modernist member of House Dougal, living somewhere in Pacifica -- usually cited as being from Marin.
...a hoax. A big hoax.
...the composite mouthpiece of a half dozen nobles, espousing opinions that would get them in serious trouble if they admitted to holding them.
...the spirit of the Internet itself, having taken on an actual identity after being filled with the belief of a generation.

No one knows where the hoax -- if it is a hoax -- began, although various attempts to trace Bunny's origins have been made. Whatever Bunny really is, she's part of the chimnet culture; what's more, considering her similarity to the character of 'Bunny' from 'Electric Knights', she's even made the jump into mortal culture.

Who knows? Who is Bunny Batzri? One thing we know for sure...she keeps talking, even as we wonder whether or not she really exists.

(The OOC note: This journal belongs to...well, someone. Someone claiming to be Bunny Batzri. All information posted in this journal is considered to be IC. That's right -- if your PC has a Computer stat of at least 1, you can read this journal and take its contents in game.

Please note that all comments left on this journal are considered to be IC. You can comment here; 'Bunny' may or may not answer. But even if your PC journal is not considered IC, comments on this journal are. Please act accordingly.

Enjoy yourselves.)