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To: alt.dreaming.identity
From: Bunny Batzri
Subject: Who am I?

This is for the gentleman who sent me a very simple, very heartfelt question -- my answer, and my apologies.

No, sir, I don't know who you are. I'm sorry. I've checked every record I could get my hot little hands on; I pulled files that I'm technically not allowed to have had any possible way of getting near; I poked through archives and skimmed through hospital announcements and admissions, and pretty much did everything short of walking through the city with your picture and a sign that read 'have you seen me?'. And I don't know who you are.

You are something truly rare, my friend: a question that I can't answer.

Good luck.

Bunny Batzri

C'mon, SOMEONE had to say it!

(PS: One question left in 'ask Bunny anything'! If you want to know, get in here fast.)
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