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Love is a battlefield. This isn't love.

To: alt.dreaming.current_events.pacifica
From: Bunny Batzri
Subject: War.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are, apparently, at war.

Oh, not officially: when asked, the nobility is pretty much going for a degree in 'hedging their bets', with a minor in 'hemming and hawing'. It's pretty impressive, really. I cornered Duchess Amber in the bathroom before Court, and asked her point-blank, "Are we at war with the Undersea?". And she said, "I have no idea." Which, given that currently, people in Eildon can't go outside without having things thrown at their heads, sounds like a whole lot of 'the people above me in the food chain aren't willing to commit', at least as far as I'm concerned. So officially, we're not at war.

Please do me a favor and tell that to Paul Atwater, if you would be so kind? First, let me tell you a few things about Paul.

He's a selkie, as you may have guessed from the name. Twenty-two years old, majoring in graphic design at UC Santa Cruz. Likes surfing, water polo, swimming, and hiking in the coastal forests of California. He received his skin seven years ago, at a celebration that was attended by nearly fifty members of the Atwater family. He decided that he wanted to be a painter when he was eight, and he never gave up on that ideal.

Paul Atwater died Wednesday night, at approximately seven-thirty, from several wounds to the head, back, and chest. No one heard him screaming. No one came to his rescue. Paul Atwater died alone, and he died a casualty of a war that no one is willing to admit to fighting.

When people die, we're at war. When children go to bed confused because no one will tell them where their big brother is, we're at war. When I'm forbidden to go to help because it's 'too dangerous', yet no one will admit exactly what that danger is, newsflash, WE'RE AT WAR. All the polite fictions and delicate language in the world isn't going to stop the deaths, and it isn't going to bring back Paul Atwater, or any of the others that have fallen in Eildon.

These aren't things anyone wants to hear. They definitely aren't things anyone wants me to say. But they're true things, and that means someone needs to say them, as many times as it takes. We're at war.

Now let's just hope that the people who can do something about it will admit it while there's still time to bring as many people as possible home alive.

Bunny Batzri

C'mon, SOMEONE had to say it!
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