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Bang bang bang, on the door, baby.

To: alt.dreaming.current_events.pacifica
From: Bunny Batzri
Subject: July 4th, 2004.

People who were inland when the attack on Trimaris -- the March seat of Candlemarch -- began thought that they were seeing fireworks. Fireworks. Pretty little things that explode and sparkle in the sky. They'd been going off all night, after all, both mundanely and in the Dreaming; it was a logical assumption to make.

At least until they heard the screaming, and smelled the sulfur, and realized that something a little more serious was going on.

Last night, at approximately nine sixteen PM, the forces of the Undersea rose up against the land, first attacking Trimaris, and then, once the initial battle had died down, turning their attentions on Fort Snelling, the County seat of Sea-Cross. (Which really does cause me to need to break my news-reporting pattern for a moment, and go: What the HELL? Has all that WATER IN YOUR EARS made you STUPID or something? It's a SHED. I'm on the House Dougal Intranet, I've seen the pictures. It. Is. A. Shed. Congratulations, stupid people; you hit a SHED with CANNONBALLS, and the shed WENT AWAY. They'll just BUILD A NEW SHED! That's all they have to do! New shed! You haven't even TOUCHED the damn Freehold! Idiots.)

Trimaris withstood the barrage admireably, and shows no signs of falling. Fort Snelling's shed was leveled, but the Freehold itself is, by all reports, still intact. Many of the denizens of Eildon were not so lucky. Fatality reports are just coming in, and while I know some names, it isn't my place or my right to be the one who releases them. My heart goes out to the people of Candlemarch and Sea-Cross, and to everyone else who may get caught in this stupid, senseless conflict before we can bring it to an end.

Hopefully, that end will be a quick one. I don't think anyone wants a drawn-out war starting on the Pacifican coastline, and I'd like to hope that I'm right about this. We can't afford the losses of land and life, and we especially can't afford the Banality it will bring -- and that goes for the Undersea, too. There hasn't been a major war between the sea and the land in centuries. Call me crazy, but I was really hoping that I wouldn't be around to see the next one.

We don't always get what we want, I guess.

Everybody, be careful out there. Watch yourselves, and watch the water. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going over to Roger's place, where I intend to huddle down at the end of his couch with my laptop, wait to hear from friends in Eildon, and let his mother feed me cookies until I stop feeling like I'm going to throw up.

Be safe.

Bunny Batzri

C'mon, SOMEONE had to say it!
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