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To: alt.dreaming.current_events.pacifica
From: Bunny Batzri
Subject: Undersea activity in Eildon II, AKA 'whoa, shit'.

Ladies and gentlemen...holy shit.

I mean that. Holy shit. The most sacred crap since somebody squinted up at the moon and said 'huh, that looks sort of funny, hey, Mark, is that thing supposed to be glowing that brightly, and what are those people coming out of the AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!'. Ho. Lee. Shit.

Word from Eildon is that the representatives of the Undersea have arrived in Candlemarch, and been shown into the presence of the Marquessa Penelope Crawford ni Fiona. Say it with me, folks: the representatives of the Undersea have ARRIVED IN CANDLEMARCH. They are ABOVEWATER, visible to the common population of Concordia, and actually TALKING TO PEOPLE.

The optimist in me wants to say that this could mean the beginning of a new era of peace and understanding between the two halves of our world, the land and the sea working together, like Lori Lemaris always wanted to work with Superman, or Aquaman willingly going to help the Justice League even when they had issues in, like, Arizona. That's the optimist.

The realist in me says 'wow, what's wrong with the moon?'. Because while I AM a part of the Shining Host, that doesn't mean I've forgotten what happened the last time a part of Faerie that we didn't see much decided to actually join the party. And yes, the realist is louder than the optimist, because I've seen 'Deep Blue Sea' more often than 'The Little Mermaid', and when we used to talk Marvel vs. DC, I was always of the firm belief that Namor would kick Aquaman's ass.

More news as it develops. For right now, if you're in or near Eildon, please, watch yourselves, and have a route out if you need one. I'm worried about you all.

Be careful.

Bunny Batzri

C'mon, SOMEONE had to say it!
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