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More roses.

To: alt.dreaming.horticulture
From: Bunny Batzri
Subject: More roses.

Once again, we turn our attention towards the charming LI QIN ZHOU of Eildon, who asks:

"On roses and the Kaballah: If the world lives and dies with the blooming of each perfect rose, is there any significance to new bush grown from a hip or cutting of such a rose when it no longer exists?"

Congratulations: you have just crossed over into theology so deep that strong men have drowned trying to wade through it. Because IF the world blooms and dies with the blooming of each perfect rose, and IF a new world begins when the next perfect rose is born, THEN the first perfect rose can no longer exist, because no new creation would carry with it the debris of the old one. There might be a rose where the implanted memories of the new world says a rose should be, but that rose is not truly a perfect rose, nor ever was; for it to be perfect would be to deny the perfection of the new rose, and as reality depends upon the perfection of the new rose, to deny it is to destroy the world. And yet...

It is specifically said that a bush which has borne a perfect rose will put forth fairer flowers ever after that, and that it will be beautiful and healthy even when all around it is dying and spoiled. That a rosebush which has once flowered to perfection will grow flowers even in inclement weather, because it always remembers what it felt like to define the summer. If these bushes continue to exist (which they apparently must), what does that say about the perfect roses that they once bore? How can they remember something that never existed? Is reality a paradox?

Now we get into the theoretical theology. Obviously, for both these facts to be true (no leftover perfect roses in a new creation + rosebushes remember perfection), then it SHOULD be possible to find and cut a perfect rose at the exact moment that the world ends. The cut rose is no longer alive, and is thus no longer perfect; reality fails to unravel messily. Now you have a formerly perfect rose that was once used to define all existence. What happens when you strike it for cuttings?

No one knows. Not even me.

But if you find out, be sure to drop me a line. Now you've got me all curious.

Bunny Batzri

C'mon, SOMEONE had to say it!
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