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For Christmas, I want...

To: alt.dreaming.regencies
From: Bunny Batzri
Subject: Like a kid at Christmas.

Our first question this round comes from RICARDO URBAN-CHAVEZ of Eildon, who asks:

"Do you expect, do you plan, do you hope, to eventually hold title over a fiefdom? Not the 'if it happens, great!' false-modesty bit that our kith is so good at. Do you want it, and are you taking steps to get it?"

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a man who loves his verbs. It's also technically multiple questions -- do I WANT a fiefdom, do I EXPECT a fiefdom, am I PLANNING for a fiefdom, am I WORKING to acquire a fiefdom. That's four questions, right there. Technically, that's cheating. But because it's the first question and I'm feeling generous, I'll address all four.

Do I want a fiefdom? Simple answer: no. My bedroom is already cluttered enough, I'd have no place to put it. I have a lot of opinions, but they tend to be sweeping social opinions; the changes I want to make are the sort of thing that would be better supported if I was acting as a travelling consultant than as a static CEO. I don't want to dodge responsibility. I just want to fulfill my responsibilities in a somewhat different fashion.

Do I expect a fiefdom? I'm a competant member of House Dougal, living in Marin, in a fiefdom with very few viable heirs. Yes, I sometimes expect a fiefdom, the way a person about to walk across a field of rusty nails expects a tetnus shot. If the House says 'you have to do this', I will do it, because that's my duty as a Dougal and as a member of the Shining Host. Do I expect a fiefdom as my right and my due, now bow down, puny mortal? No. And anyone who DOES expect a fiefdom in that fashion probably shouldn't be allowed to have one.

Am I planning for a fiefdom? Not directly. I don't make commitments that I can't break, I'm dating a man who fully understands that sometimes duty and responsibility comes first and that he might have to let me go if duty and our relationship conflict, and I make sure to have a travel kit with toothbrush and fuzzy bunny slippers packed at all times. I've done my political reading, studied the structures of the kingdom as well as of Concordia itself, established my ties within and outside the House and made sure that I had an informed stance on everything I might be expected to understand -- but that's not preparation to be a regent. As far as I'm concerned, that's just preparation to be an ADULT.

Am I working to acquire a fiefdom? No. I'm working to acquire respect within my House, and ties outside of it. I'm working to finish high school. I'm working to change the world for the better. But I'm not working to acquire a fiefdom. If I do, I'll serve it well and hand it off as quickly as I can, because what I want is to leave this world a better place than it was when I found it, and the needs of the many unfortunately win.

Hope that answers your question, Mr. Urban-Chavez.

Bunny Batzri

C'mon, SOMEONE had to say it!
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